Movies about YOU 

Shouldn't there be a movie about your amazing life already? Let's

 celebrate all

 the joy, all the adventures, all the big AND little moments: be it for

 a special

 occasion or for the sake of a walk down the memory lane, I am here to

 make a

 very special little movie about you and your loved ones...


Movie Magic Package:

40 pictures and 10 videos 

music  text voiceover (yes, you can record a voiceover for your loved ones!) 

 PLUS my consultation, which means:

We will have a long discussion about the materials you send: what they mean to you, what is important to mention, etc. I will interview you and based on your answers, I will create a custom made story using your pictures and videos. Story in this case does not necessarily mean a narrative (even though it could be, depends where the imagination will take us!) but your movie would definitely be built around a concept. What I know for sure is that it will be very creative, funny, touching and very special... just like you.

PRICE: $450

Movie Magic Package Plus:

All of the above BUT

if you'd like more pictures and videos to be included

add $5 per picture and $7 per video

Remember, I put my all into this creative process and I can't wait to collaborate with you
to create something BEAUTIFUL...

Photography and home video SLIDESHOWS 

by Kit To Happiness. 

Photography by Jessie Watford.

Music by Yael & Gabriel




(just introduce yourself, tell me what package interests you and we shall take it from there)  

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